Tampa Bay Sports Commission Re-Signs Six Year Partnership with OAI Visual Branding

Tampa Bay Sports Commission Re-Signs Six Year Partnership with OAI Visual Branding

TAMPA, FL – OAI Visual Branding is named exclusive and preferred Official Signage Partner of the Tampa Bay Sports Commission through 2022.  As the lead host of premier sports and entertainment events in the Tampa Bay area, the Tampa Bay Sports Commission will utilize OAI's expertise in the signage industry to provide innovative branding solutions that uphold the nationally renowned organization, as well as all participating partners. During the partnership with the Tampa Bay Sports Commission, OAI will have the opportunity to promote and support the branding efforts of the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship, 2019 NCAA Women’s Final Four, 2022 SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament and many more of events throughout the six-year deal.

"It's an honor to have the opportunity to provide our branding and signage services to world-class championship events such as the College Football Playoff National Championship," states Brian Mathiews Chief Operating Officer of OAI Visual Branding. "Further, OAI is thrilled that we will be building on our partnership with Tampa Bay Sports Commission that began in 2010. This deal signifies a confidence in our expertise and capabilities that we look forward to continuing in these next six years working together."

As the preferred signage partner of Tampa Bay Sports Commission, OAI will hold a seat on the Tampa Bay Sports Commission Board of Directors, as well as a position on the Event Development Institute’s Advisory Council. Through this partnership, OAI looks forward to supporting Tampa Bay’s social and economic development as a major contributor in the community.

“In staging these marquee events, community branding plays such an important role in creating a solid first impression when welcoming all teams and fans,” commented Jason Aughey, Senior Director of the Tampa Bay Sports Commission. “From the airport, to the venue and throughout the city, we take tremendous pride in building customized signage packages that directly enhance the overall event experience. We have a partner in OAI Visual Branding, whose commitment, customer service, attention to detail and quality of work affords us the confidence to know that each championship’s branding package will be executed at a high level.”

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