Hometown Heroes: Replay Tampa Bay

Hometown Heroes: Replay Tampa Bay

TAMPA, FL (FOX 13) -It felt like Christmas for some very special Bay Area kids as they got to choose from a pile of sporting goods. But the gifts weren't from Santa; they were from Rob Elder and Replay Tampa Bay.

"The feeling of giving, it's just incredible. And to see this kids smiles, and they love life and the energy they have- it's so awesome" said Rob Elder.

In 2012, Rob teamed up with the Tampa Bay Sports Commission to start Replay Tampa Bay, an organization supplying kids with new and gently-used sports equipment.

"We want to continue to push athletics, and push sports and keep balls in kids' hands" said Claire Lessinger of the Tampa Bay Sports Commission.

So they collect and hand out everything from gym clothes, to bikes and footballs, and other sporting goods that- without replay Tampa Bay- some children might never get the chance to use.

"A $10 football- these kids don't even have a $10 football to play with. And so many of us have so many things in our garage, just sitting around. Why don't we give it back to the people that need it?," explained Rob.

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He accepts donations year round at his car dealerships in Tampa Bay, and has big name supporters like the Buccaneers and the Lightning. Rob says his goal is to keep kids active and in the game.

"You can't control what kids eat. They're gonna eat what they want. I have three kids and you can't watch them 24/7, but you can try and get them to be more active at a young age, and play and get outside and exercise. I think that's important," said Rob.

In his effort to keep kids moving, he's also inspired the community to get active and give back too.

"Rob's incredible. I mean I think he's been recognized numerous times for his giving, and he's so involved in our community and he gives back on tremendous levels, so we're just fortunate and proud to be partnering with him on this one initiative," said Claire.

Rob is grateful for the community's help in getting kids off the couch and on their feet, one bike and ball at a time.

Release and video courtesy of Jennifer Epstein, FOX 13 News anchor. Click here for the full story.