UT plans expansion of Martinez Sports Center

UT plans expansion of Martinez Sports Center


TAMPA, Fla. – The economy hasn’t found its footing but the University of Tampa continues to expand with plans to add new classrooms, offices and athletic space.

The private university today announced two projects that will expand the Martinez Sports Center on North Boulevard.

The first phase will add a second floor to the northeast corner of the Martinez Sports Center building. The new and renovated space will total 23,000 square feet and include 19 offices, eight classrooms and six laboratories, the university said.

The addition will be used for the Department of Health Sciences and Human Performance and for general academics.

The addition will have a brick façade to match the style of the other university buildings. The main entrance to the sports center will be updated and reconfigured, the university said.

The first phase should be completed by early 2012.

The second phase will be the construction of a two-story building attached to the southwest corner of the sports center. The project, estimated at 34,000 square feet, will have athletic rooms for training and the university’s ROTC department will move to the second floor.

The current ROTC building, just north of the Sykes College of Business, will be redesigned and renovated for general academic use, the university said.

Under the new projects, the university will add new administrative offices for coaches and staff. The locker rooms and training rooms also will be expanded, the university said.

The second phase is scheduled to be completed in fall 2012.

The university said it didn’t have a total cost for both phases. It will be paid for by donations made to the university and from other accounts.

The university also plans other projects, including the renovation of several faculty offices, a new microbiology laboratory and expansion of the nursing facility.