Linda Parelli to Headline 2012 Horse & Soul World Tour on December 1-2 in Tampa

Linda Parelli to Headline 2012 Horse & Soul World Tour on December 1-2 in Tampa

TAMPA, Fla. - Imagine a pitch-black arena filled with thousands of antsy spectators. Every one of you is standing up, breathing, waiting. As the music rises, it launches the 2012 Horse & Soul Parelli World Tour. Drumbeats fill your chest and the hair stands up on your arms. Out of the darkness bursts not a mustached cowboy, but a petite, blond woman with high black boots and dressage saddle. With a massive chestnut Hanoverian by her side, she sails across the Bob Thomas Equestrian Center waving to 2,000 cheering spectators and smiles.

This is Pat’s better half. And this is her tour.

Linda Parelli is a student and a seeker who has pushed her own horsemanship in order to be a conduit of inspiration for others. For the 2012 Horse & Soul Tour, she will harvest two decades of passionate devotion to natural horsemanship and pour it out on fans in eleven US cities.

Perhaps because of her persistence, Linda Parelli is now widely considered one of horsemanship’s finest communicators. As the most dedicated student of the system that bears her husband’s name, Linda Parelli is celebrated for her intuitive coaching which she delivers with wit, compassion and kindness.

“Linda is the hardest worker I know,” said her husband Pat Parelli who will teach alongside her during the 2012 Horse & Soul Tour. “Her passion as an educator is reaching a fever pitch and I don’t think anyone has experienced even the tip of what she has to offer.”

Because of her dressage background and the diversity of her students, the 2012 Horse & Soul tour will encompass both English and Western disciplines. It will feature the now-famous Seven Games™ that are the foundation of the Parelli system. Tips for fool-proofing lead changes and instruction on Pat’s notion of Horsenality™, a concept which Linda developed and communicates with zeal, round out the weekend events.

“Her work in horsenality, rider posture, contact and collection is pioneering a new frontier in horsemanship. These topics apply to any rider, regardless of discipline,” Pat Parelli said.

In perennial collaboration, Linda and her horses don’t just perform at tour stops, they captivate. Surprises are embraced and then sorted with the intelligence and precision available only to those who have spent long hours earning them. Watching Linda engage her dressage horses in an extended trot or in a series of flying lead changes, impels her students to come up higher; to work harder, to learn more, to grow.

But best of all, those who know her will tell you, Linda Parelli is funny.

At a demonstration once, Linda trotted past a capacity crowd on her Dutch Warmblood Remmer and, mildly annoyed with her bouncing sunglasses, took them off and winged them into the audience. “That wasn’t an Elvis thing,” she said. “I want those back.”

The crowd laughed and cheered its approval for the woman many people in the horsemanship world consider, bigger than Elvis.

But the beautiful thing about Linda Parelli is that no matter how big the venue or how bright the star, the relationship with the horse is always paramount.

And that is the very essence of the 2012 Tour.

Admission to the 2012 Horse & Soul Parelli World Tour is $25 in advance and includes admission for both days. Parelli Members can receive up to seven free tickets. Tickets are on sale now at

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