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The Exciting, Third Annual Racquet War Tennis Tournament in Tampa!

The Exciting, Third Annual Racquet War Tennis Tournament in Tampa!

TAMPA, Fla. - The unique, Racquet War Tennis Tournament is returning to Tampa September 7-9th for the third consecutive year.  In the past, the tournament was just the normal event for adults in the Saddlebrook Resort. The average entries ranged between 100-125 which is still high, but nothing like this year.  Racquet War for 2012 has almost 200 entries and appears headed for a complete sell-out of the available space of 220 making it one of the largest events in the state of Florida this year.

What’s the difference this year compared to the past events?  Co-Owners Oakley Foy and Robin Barringer comment “The format is completely different allowing all levels of players to start out in a waterfall bracket so players do not have to worry about NTRP ratings and can partner with whomever they wish.  The players end up playing against other players their level in the final bracket.  For $55.00, each player competes in a minimum of four matches over three days.  It’s ideal not only for the really serious, competitive players but also for those out to have more of a social tennis tournament.  We hoped for a total of 32 teams in each men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles, but we had to allow more since players from all over the state of Florida have already signed up.  The women’s draw grew so large that it had to be closed out with 64 participating teams…128 different women all in the same draw!”

Racquet War was created by Robin and Oakley in 2009 as a company designed to organize and run special events and competitive tennis for adults.  The company’s goal has become to coordinate high quality competition with well organized events while always striving to exceed the expectations of all of the participants.  “We focus very heavily on getting people on the court, if not early, on time for their matches.  Obviously weather and other events interfere with the schedule at times, but we feel it is disrespectful to our players if they have to wait on courts.”

Foy and Barringer continue “Racquet War is planning a tournament series in 2013 utilizing this model in different cities across the nation.  The greatest feature of all is that a player has the ability to advance to a Regional and National Tournament based on their results in the local tournament.  When the players are finished with one of our weekend tournaments, we want them completely exhausted but so happy with the way everything ran that they would come back the next weekend to play in it all over again!  We personally enjoy running each tournament, and we believe that is one of the greatest differences in our tournament and others…we are tennis players ourselves, and we try to make it a great experience for each and every player.”


401 E. Jackson St.

Suite 2100

Tampa Bay, FL 33602

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