Connect Sports: Ensuring Communication and Safety

Connect Sports: Ensuring Communication and Safety

TAMPA, Fla. - Tampa Bay Sports Commission Senior Director, Jason Aughey, was recently featured in a Connect Sports column on youth sports injuries and the Commission's role in ensuring safety. See Jason's portion below. 

Jason Aughey, senior director at the Tampa Bay Sports Commission, says he is seeing additional language added to user agreements, contracts and insurance to make sure sporting events are safe. Most changes are in line with the evolving standards of each league or sponsoring organization. “We are right in the middle between the venues and the event organizers, and we work to ensure communication and that everyone works to create a safe environment,” says Aughey. “Everyone has an inherent understanding that for an event to move forward, everyone must be protected, and communication has to take place.

The Tampa Bay Sports Commission works to attract all types of sporting events to the Tampa area, from NCAA tournaments to the Super Bowl to every type of amateur event. One element of safety is to ensure that the proper number of trainers and medical personnel are on hand for an event to address issues like concussions and heat-related or general injuries, says Aughey. Planners often arrange with local trainers to provide adequate coverage, and trainers work as a liaison to on-site EMTs or ambulance services.

Aughey says event organizers can rely on the local sports commission or CVB to act as a liaison and help connect  the dots with venues on issues such as required insurance and facility use agreements.

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