Skate Park of Tampa (SPoT)


Description: The Skate Park of Tampa was started in 1993 and has quickly become one of the region's premier parks and shops. Every year since 1993, the course has been changed to keep members challenged and to give them a new experience. SPoT offers deals and free skates to members as well as rentals, lessons, and skate camp. Inside they have a shop on site that will provide you with all you need and more for your skating experience.

They can also accommodate large events and host such events annualy like the Tampa AM and Tampa Pro. These two events are hosted by Red Bull and have taken place in Tampa since the mid 1990s. These events offer a chance to watch great skaters from all over the country compete while taking in the beauty and complexity of the facility. Skaters must qualify on the first two days to compete in the competitions. Tickets for events are purchased on the SPoT website.   

Sports Accommodated: Skateboarding 

Address: 4215 East Columbus Drive Tampa, FL