Spring Training Showcase Celebrates 10th Anniversary in Plant City

Spring Training Showcase Celebrates 10th Anniversary in Plant City

PITTSBURGH, PA - The National Club Baseball Association and the National Club Softball Association will descend upon Plant City for the month of March to put on the 2015 NCBA/NCSA Spring Training Showcase.

The year 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of the Spring Training Showcase at Mike Sansone Park in Plant City, and also welcomes a record number of participating teams. A total of 64 Club Baseball teams and nine Club Softball teams will spend their Spring Break in the central Florida area and compete in the annual event.

Fort Lauderdale played home to the Spring Training Showcase back in 2005, where 27 Club Baseball Teams participated in the inaugural event. In 2006, the event moved to Mike Sansone Park in Plant City and went off without a hitch. Ever since, the NCBA and the NCSA haven’t had much of reason to look anywhere else.

Spring Training Director of Operations Savannah Ahrens has been running the event since 2010. At the helm of the showcase, she really has seen it all.

“I got hired for Spring Training specifically,” said Ahrens. “After playing in the event in 2008 and 2009 and being a part of the NCSA, it definitely was an organization that I wanted to stay involved with. [The event] was really small when I got it. I never thought that it would grow to 70 teams. It’s more than doubled in the number of teams in just six years.”

With each year that passes and every new team that participates, Ahrens says that her passion for the game and dedication to the event continues to grow.

“My year wouldn’t be complete without an annual trip to Plant City,” said Ahrens. “We’ve got more than 150 games scheduled throughout the month and I’ve already started to pack my suitcase.”

The 2015 Spring Training Showcase spans from Sunday, March 1st to Tuesday, March 31st. NCBA club baseball schedules and NCSA club softball schedules are posted on the Spring Training websites.